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For obvious reasons we can't share the exact websites we were working on, however this is a set of websites in arguably one of the hardest niches in the SEO industry due to the its competitiveness and the incredibly high affiliate comission rates.
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About the project

While being partners since late 2016 to present we'd like you to show you the ambitious large requirements for 3 separate websites targeting one of the strongest and hardest niches in the industry "payday loans niche". The goal was simply to reach key positions that would deliver increasing organic traffic to their website increasing the leads and signups that they were already getting.

Their current situation

At the beginning when we just engaged with them most of their sites were getting about 20% of the traffic they wanted. These sites were built by very knowledgeable SEOs who knew what they were doing in terms of on-page SEO, what was needed here was an extra push in off-page efforts to increase the visibility and organic traffic, simply put, they wanted rankings.

How TheRankWay pushed the site above and beyond the expectations

Through a very conservative yet consistent and big campaign we set goals to increase the SERP rankings of these websites in a 6 month time period. We didn't really need to do competitive research or technical onpage since the client's website was already in good shape and properly optimized with correlation software (before Surfer, Cora and Pop evey existed). **to this day we continue pushing it upwards and pushing more content with the help of AI to generate it and classify it.

All this website needed was link power, through various methods of curated links, broken link building, tierered link building and a little bit of our secret offpage link techniques.

After 4-5 months we hit our expectations of making this site reaching the target SERP positions that we had in mind and increased the organic keywords for which they were ranking by over 10 times what they were before.


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