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Turn Around Time for a single link is 3 days, for 10 links is 5 days and for 20+ links is 7 days

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Modern SEO is done by a great diversity of backlinks coming to you from real website and real authors, long gone are the days you could get away with pbns and standard guest posting websites. After building links for over 6 years we know what really drives rankings.

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Are Niche Edits similar to Broken Link Building?

The methodology of our niche edits is very similar to the process you follow for broken link building. Essentially the final outcome is very much the same in that you’ll be getting a link mention in an aged piece of content.
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What Are Curated Links?

Curated Links, also known as niche edits, are backlinks that are strategically placed within pre-existing, high-authority content that aligns with your specific niche or industry. For this reason, this link building strategy often delivers faster, long-term results for our clients.
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What Anchor Text Should I Use?

We allow absolutely any anchor text you wish to use. Where possible, we will always work with the webmaster(s) to insert an extra sentence or two to ensure that your anchor text fits in naturally with the surrounding text. It’s entirely up to you what anchor text you want to use, and how aggressive you want to go.
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How Long Does It Take To Complete A Niche Edit Order?

The entire process, from outreach to link placement, typically takes between 1 to 2 days. However, this timeline may vary depending on the target website's responsiveness and editorial schedule.
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How Do Niche Edits Differ From Guest Posts?

While guest posts involve creating and publishing a new piece of content on another website, niche edits involve adding a link to an existing article or page. Both strategies aim to improve search engine rankings and drive traffic, but they involve different processes.
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Why Do Curated Links Work So Well?

Who knows. We don’t pretend to understand the complexities involved in Google’s algorithm. All we know is that Google’s algorithm seems to pay attention to links which sit in older content – content which has aged and has become authoritative in its own right.
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Do You Accept Adult And Gambling Links?

Yes! We have a unique set of connections with bloggers, journalists and site owners who do allow Adult & Gambling links to be placed on their sites. We ensure that these don’t overlap with our “normal” client orders in-order to keep these two niches separate from non-adult and non-gambling markets.
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Are These Links Relevant To My Site?

Our aim is to provide links that are topically hyper-relevant to the page where you’d like the backlink to go to. Our ideal link placement would be your keyword in the title of the post, and this is what we always try to find for you first. However, sometimes, blog owners haven’t written about your specific subject yet, so we go for the next best topically relevant post.
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