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You're at the right place if you're looking for strategies to increase the visibility and functionality of a website. If you're an SEO agency, you may also need a white-label SEO audit if your client needs to boost their website's performance to a higher ranking level using an SEO proposal that includes is the best choice. 

So, in this article, we'll go over what goes into a thorough white-label SEO audit, the need for a white-label SEO audit, the best time to go for WLSA, tools for WLSA, etc.

White label SEO audit is a fantastic technique for obtaining a different viewpoint on the search engine optimization of a website and identifying opportunities to raise your ranking in Google and other search engines. When a marketing company offers this service to its clients under its brand name, it is known as white-label SEO. Let's dive deeper into this!

Do This When You Need A White Label SEO Audit

Do you work hard to keep your clients satisfied as the owner of a digital marketing agency? Do they request services for search engine optimization, such as a professional site audit? Have you ever thought about how much you stand to lose if you reject them? Rejecting them and running the risk of them looking for their desires elsewhere are not the only options.

You can collaborate with a white-label SEO Auditing brand that can support you with various services, including a white-label SEO audit. All websites should be reviewed to determine their effectiveness, what has to be improved, whether they include any technical issues, etc. You may always outsource to a reputable SEO company to handle this task if you cannot do it yourself.

Best Time to Consider White-Label SEO Audit

Do your clients complain of being in the dark when it comes to how their website performs? Would you be willing to help them with a realistic assessment and analysis of their sites and entire online presence? If that's the case, it's time to start thinking about a white-label SEO audit. 

This provides site owners with a ton of insightful information, enabling them to see what they have been doing wrong and what they should concentrate on when working on a new SEO strategy, which is great for business like chiropractors that need special attention and using SEO for Chiropractors is the best choice for them.

Consider This When Carrying Out A White label SEO Audit

When conducting a white-label SEO audit, there are a couple of things you should set your mind to. Take a close look at the website and find out those parts that need improvement to enable site online visibility.

  • Competitors' Analysis

Analyzing your competitors' websites is a crucial component of SEO. So, we research your competitors to determine what they are doing well so that we may suggest strategies to enhance that. Backlink profiles, content strategies, keyword rankings, and many other factors need to be considered as well.

  • Website's Speed

Website speed is among the most significant ranking factors for Google. Your website will lose visitors and ranking position if it is slow. So, when conducting white label SEO audit of a clients website, our team at therankway optimizes images by utilizing browser caching and emphasizing CSS and Javascript.

Conversion Optimization

For your website to generate more leads and close huge sales, conversion optimization is vital. When performing a white-label SEO audit, we take a good look at the call-to-action buttons, landing page layout, and form design. They are some of the crucial parts to look at when conducting White label SEO audits, so if you think you need these services for your business you should learn how to make an SEO Contract the right way, so you're able to define the services you need.

Tools For your White Label Seo Audit 

Conducting a white-label SEO audit requires using relevant tools to achieve effective outcomes. Take a look at our highly recommended white-label SEO Audit tool beneath:

  • Ahrefs

One of the most well-known SEO tools, Ahrefs, was explicitly created to analyze the backlinks on your site and those of your biggest competitors. 

You can utilize the Ahref SEO tool when performing a white-label SEO audit. Several features already make it a go-to SEO suite for many industry experts. Plus, it displays all the necessary keywords that are generating traffic to your competitors' websites and every website that links to them, helping to boost their rankings in search engines. You can also view the SEO mistakes you're making and correct them on your website, and doing self SEO services for your business is the most efficient way to deal with this mistakes.

  • ContentKing

Contenting is one of the SEO tools that the SEO marketing industry tends to overlook. However, it conceals many features that many are unaware of, such as its exceptional optimization and real-time monitoring.

ContentKing application does a 24/7 Expert Review of your site so that if something "breaks down," you can take the appropriate action right away to protect your rankings. For white-label SEO auditing, monitoring, and other uses, consider ContentKing. It continually offers website-specific actionable insights and provides thorough information about your SEO success, so learning the right white hat SEO techniques could help your business a lot.

You can use the ContentKing white-label SEO tool based on the price package that works best for you.  There are four pricing levels for it, namely "Basic," "Standard," "Pro," and "Enterprise."

  • SEObox

SEObox is a network of tools that can be accessed from both home and the workplace and provides a variety of online functions. It enables the monitoring of keyword positions and sends you notifications daily and accurately, all thanks to a program called RANKbox.

You can also receive custom notifications, automate reports, and use a variety of other RANKbox features, which include PINGbox, etc. Also, SEObox offers organizations On-page, Off-page, and white label Local SEO services. It manages every part of your site and provides you with regular updates. Furthermore, SEObox offers website design services and SEO Online Marketing Packages.

  • On crawl

OnCrawl is yet another tool that enables you to perform a full white-label SEO audit with a central focus on crawling and ranking. 

With the OnCrawl SEO auditing tool, you can check the internal linking, analyze the quality of your content, and manage website duplication. It is undoubtedly an excellent tool for operating an online store. Also, you can use OnCrawl to track and produce several pages with OnCrawl's SEO Crawler feature. 

In addition, you may use charts and reports with the Crawl analytics to analyze the ranking factors. You can enhance page speed and optimize your site architecture with SEO Crawler.


Woorank is another white-label SEO auditing tool utilized to analyze your site immediately. The statistics that this tool generates are pretty simple to understand. Users can even add a browser extension to assess the degree of optimization of your pages and learn about the enhancements to your website. 

With the help of its SEO tool, Woorank combines all digital marketing activities centered around your website, improving your SEO ranks and website traffic. With Woorank, users can analyze crawl statistics and evaluate the traffic and rankings of their websites. It was created to meet every SEO requirement for a website, including digital marketing which you can also get with a professional SEO consultant.

Plus, Woorank pricing package ranges from the photoshoot, which costs around $79.99 per month, to the enterprise team plan, which removes restrictions, and to the premium plan, which costs $199.99 per month.

On a final note, allowing your client to seek for their website SEO optimization services elsewhere is not healthy for your business. Go into partnership with a white-label SEO auditing firm to get your client's website fixed.

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