SEO Reseller Pricing for different budgets and competition

Take time to consider how many times you have used google search during the past 5 days. While you cannot accurately say the number of times you have conducted google searches, we can safely assume it is multiple times. In the current era, the global population extensively relies on search engines like Google for online research and to purchase products and services. Therefore, search engines play a role in shaping the outcomes generated during online information searches.

Who is an SEO Reseller? 

An SEO reseller refers to an individual or business that formulates re-brandable SEO products and services intended for various businesses that want to enhance their search engine ranking on the internet. An SEO reseller is not necessarily the developer of SEO products or services but rather the seller of the said services. Therefore, SEO resellers do not have to create SEO products in-house. Contrarily, they could also procure their creation from a third-party entity based on the target consumer profile, rebrand them, then sell them to the niche market. There are two main categories of the output sold by SEO resellers:

Local SEO Services; these are value-adding services offered to businesses such as content creation, listing management, and link building that are sold under the SEO reseller’s brand.

Local SEO Products; this includes SEO systems such as applications designed to perform certain SEO functions that are sold under the SEO reseller’s brand.

How do SEO Reseller Services Work?

SEO resellers are usually companies that offer SEO products and services that can be purchased and branded by third-party business entities. As such, SEO reseller agencies have access to a wide network of publisher websites that they use to enhance the access of the public to their clients’ websites by creating backlinks that redirect people to their clients in numerous online platforms. Moreover, SEO resellers employ a systematic process used to rank websites in various online dimensions to deliver desirable SEO outcomes to their clients across different platforms. Besides, SEO resellers also possess a technical specialty for building links, technical SEO tools, and on-page SEO tools.

What are the Product and Service Packaging Models used by SEO Resellers?

The packaging of SEO reseller products and services depends on the agency’s target market and the competitive pricing prevailing in the market applicable. As such, a product or service package offered by an SEO reseller can consist of many combinations of the many products and services typically offered by SEO agencies in their entirety. There are many products and services generally offered by SEO resellers. These include:

  • Website design
  • Website Hosting
  • Content Development
  • Keyword tracking and research
  • Website audits
  • Backlink building
  • Google my business optimization
  • Social media management
  • Listing Management
  • Technical SEO
  • Digital plumbing set-up

How do SEO Resellers Price their Product and Service Packages?

Pricing refers to the process of determining the appropriate cost to be incurred by a target consumer for a good or service designed to address particular business or individual needs. Pricing products competitively within an open-entry economic sector can be a complex endeavor. However, there are numerous factors that inform the pricing of SEO services. These are:

Goals and objectives of a business

The needs that an SEO package consumer intends to address through the purchase of a particular package vary extensively across businesses and industries. As such, the nature SEO package and its pricing are informed by a specific consumer’s intentions for service.

Scale of SEO implementation

The website design used in the creation of an online platform takes after the attributes of the business such as the economic sector, the size of the customer, and the many other varying client attributes. Business sectors whose operations require complex website designs such as eCommerce platforms have different needs than sectors that use simplistic designs.


It is vital to remember that most economic sectors have low to none limitations of entry. As such, the price level of a product in a competitive industry is determined collectively by its actors and stakeholders.

Price model

Finally, the pricing model applied to an SEO reseller package consumed by a person or entity informs the prices charged by the seller. The three main models used to price SEO packages are ala carte, retainer, monthly, and hourly. Therefore, the pricing approach applied to the SEO product consumed by a given party will determine the final expense incurred to purchase it. 

What are the Pricing Models used by SEO Resellers setting the Cost of their Packages?

Price charged per SEO Project

Under this approach, an SEO reseller charges a customer a one-time cost for an SEO product/service within specific boundaries without any recurring expenses. The approach assumes that after the purchase, no additional services will be consumed by a customer.

Price charged Monthly

SEO reseller packages charged on a monthly basis usually mean that the seller and the consumer have an ongoing business relationship. As such, the customer intends to consume particular services from the SEO reseller repeatedly, thus, the need for the continuous periodic charges until such a time when the two parties decide to part ways or reevaluate their engagement.

Price charged Hourly

An hourly pricing model is usually applied to an SEO freelance professional as opposed to an agency. Regardless, some agencies can still offer SEO services charged hourly. 

Above, we have discussed the concept of SEO resellers and their many operational attributes. SEO reseller agencies have established network structures that are streamlined to effectively and promptly facilitate the achievement of numerous SEO outcomes desired by businesses and individuals. The product or service package offered by an SEO reseller can be composed of many combinations of the many products and services typically offered by SEO agencies. On the other hand, the competitive pricing of SEO reseller products is a complex process informed by numerous individual, business, and sectorial factors. Subsequently, the three main models used to price SEO packages are ala carte, retainer, monthly, and hourly.

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