Questions to ask your future SEO Client

Before you engage with your future SEO services provider, you must know vital information by asking the right questions. When looking for an SEO services company, you must ensure that you get a good return on investments. For a smooth  workflow with your new /future client, you will have to ask these questions based on history, access, strategy, challenges, team, goals, and enactment.


This involves you enquiring about the past involvements of the company. It is important to ask the following questions about history for a smooth workflow.

  • Are you planning to redesign or re-platform your website in the coming year?

This question will help you to know how your SEO services provider is up to date with recent SEO developments. If they redesign their website annually, that means they are up to date with recent innovations in the SEO industry. 

  • Has your site ever been penalized by any search engine?

You will have to inquire about the history of the client's site. If the answer to this question is a yes, you will have to find out when it was penalized and why. It is good to know what you are going to be dealing with.

  • How do you get keyword-level entry at the conversion and traffic level?

Finding out your client's outlook on the organic search engine conversion of the keywords is important as it helps you get solutions and enquire from third parties whenever you do not understand something.


In access, an SEO service provider is granted access to the client's data to strategize on how to create reports, formulate a site review and scrutinize its performance over time. The main questions to ask on access include;

  • Can we access your documents?

You will need to access your client's other business documents, including their past strategy documents, login history and reviews of their site. It is also important to consider the history of any technical changes made to the site in the last few  years. The information will help you  to know how to handle your clients business and how to design the best marketing strategy.

  • Do you have any search engine optimization programs?

You will have to know the SEO program or package that your client is using. This knowledge eases the business and ensures a smooth flow without contradictions, even if it is some converstion optimization because that includes bounce-rate stuff.

  • Is it possible to be given access to your activity calendar?

This is to monitor any upcoming tasks and login files and the system your client uses to manage their tasks. It also helps you to schedule your work to avoid interruptions, even if it's a business like a car dealership


As an SEO service provider, you will have to set methods and strategies to put in place for the sake of your client. In this case, a new future client means you will have to investigate the strategies previously used on the site for marketing purposes. You will have to ask the following questions

  • What keywords do you use to stay on the rank?

In business, the business owner is not always correct on the target keywords for their target audience. The keyword of their choice could be working and generating income for the business. But as an SEO service provider, dig deeper, you may find better keywords to use to add more value to the brand and keep it on the top rank.

  • What do you think you can do from your previous SEO service provider?

This question helps the client to speak on what they did not like from their previous agency and even chip in their marketing ideas that they want to be implemented. A thorough and open discussion can help you avoid any mistakes the previous agency made and what prices they were paying.

  • Who are your competitors

Any business has competitors regardless of the field of operations or services rendered. To start working with a client, you should find out their competitors so you figure out a way to stay at the top rank. With this, you will have to get your client's permissions and logins for the competitive sites to view their products and find a niche to outshine them.


The main purpose of asking about challenges is to get to know your client's problems in their previous agency or in running their business to find amicable solutions.

  • What are the challenges you faced in the industry?

This helps the client open up about the challenging aspects of work, and together and formulate a solution.


Site owners usually have an in-house team working for them. You should find out more about the client's team. You will have to ask the following;

  • How do you want us to operate with your team?

It is always the client's choice to select how to involve their team in their business. As an SEO service provider, you must enquire about communicating with the client's team to ensure a smooth workflow, including content writing.

  • What are the responsibilities of your team?

A service provider must know the roles and responsibilities of their client's team as well as if they outsource any website work. This is to ensure a smooth flow of work and make it easier to solve issues in case any.


A client has to follow your recommendations and implement them. Most clients expect big results without implementing recommendations from the SEO service provider. To be sure of your client's capabilities, you will have to ask the following questions;

  • What is the purpose of the engagement?

You should always have a set of agreements between you and your client on what to achieve. Your client should also consent that they will embrace your recommendations to ensure better results and profits.

  • Where should our documents be stored?

This is to ensure that your documents are safely stored, easily traceable, and organized for people to get wind of information easily.

SEO service providers should have a vast knowledge of their future clients to be people for better reviews and rankings. This is for the benefit of the business owner and brand owner. Ask these questions before signing contracts with your future clients since knowing who /what you are dealing with is critical.

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