Rock Solid SEO Proposal for Freelancers

You have thought about getting into the market as an SEO freelancer and are now ready to dive into it. You have met all the prerequisites, but one of the most significant challenges you currently face is writing a winning proposal-one that will get you top clients and let you thrive as you set out on your business, so using local SEO to get leads is the best option you can try.

Thankfully, we are here, we understand, and we have the right resource for you. Below, we provide step-by-step information on how to write a proposal that will get you in the door and beyond so you can build a successful SEO business. Dive in!

What Comprises an Outstanding Proposal?

To understand how to write a winning proposal, you must understand what makes it work.

Humans process information in two ways:

  • Instinctively, emotionally, and automatically
  • Slowly, deliberately, logically

Therefore, if they accept your proposal, it has to appeal to them in both ways. To triumph over a client’s intuition and emotions, you have to have flair and present your sales and negotiation process in a way that appeals to them, and learning how to sell SEO as an agency can make your business thrive in a faster way.

To appeal to their more logical side, you have to use data, prove the value of your work and prove that you indeed have happy clients. For this reason, all SEO professionals searching for new clients usually have case studies to show if they want to surpass their competitors, so all they need is to offer their services and is when the use of professionals like a SEO reseller can be useful to get more clients.

As you would expect, we provide you with information about writing a proposal that appeals to clients in this way.

Steps to Take to Create the Best SEO Proposal

To send a suitable proposal to prospects during the sales process, follow the steps below:

Understanding the Brand and Highlight the Point of the Proposal

As you send your proposal, you need to understand the brand, the products or services they offer, and its goals and objectives.

Since you are an SEO expert, the goal should be o to generate leads and grow organic users. Ensure that you highlight the room for growth, highlight any opportunities and let them understand that you see their main pain points, and if they have questions you can also use a SEO faq page to clear these questions more easily.

At this point, you can highlight the series of actions you will take to achieve the goal, leading to a more significant breakdown in the subsequent steps. For example:

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword research and target topics
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page SEO
  • Link-building
  • Monitoring and analyzing KPIs

Ensuring Website Hygiene

The best way to approach an SEO strategy is to look at the technical aspects of SEO. You should use a tool like Ahrefs to check the health of your site. A good score on this site should be at least 90. If the site’s health is not at this point, work on critical elements such as:

  • Page speed
  • Security
  • Google Analytics, Console, and Tag Manager
  • Webcore Vitals
  • Secured Website
  • XML Sitemap
  • Mobile Responsiveness

Defining the Audience

The best way to further refine your audience would be to define their geographical area, the websites they visit, and the information consumed on those sites. You also need to determine their needs, especially those yet to be met, and you can also use a leads finder to find the best leads for your business.

Keyword Research

After defining the audience, the kind of content they need, and knowing their unmet needs, you need to identify keywords that will attract them and find topics and clusters that meet their needs.

Once again, features such as Ahref’s Explore can help with the research. You can do keyword research based on different topics.

Check for relevance, search volume, and difficulty with this tool.

Content Planning

Content planning is also known as on-page optimization.  You plan the content based on your desired keywords. The best way to ensure that your work stands out is to cover each topic with authority and in-depth. In-depth means writing long-form articles and even guides covering the keywords. Ensure your work satisfies intent.

Your work must also have breadth. Breadth means creating a range of content around a topic and optimizing keywords. Breadth and depth will help you build authority that makes you credible in the author’s eye. You can also use backlinks to build brand authority.

Off-Page Optimization

There are several ways through which you can build credibility through links. You can insert links to your work, guest post outreach, broken link outreach, and join related activities. You can also post on forums such as social media platforms and Quora to gain traffic.

Monitoring and Analyzing KPIs

After working on all aspects of SEO, it's to monitor key performance indices.

Some of the main KPIs to consider include the following:

Search Impressions. A search impression denotes the number of times your URLs appeared in the search results and were clicked and viewed by users. Search impressions do not include paid ad search results.

New Users. New users have never visited your site before and are doing it for the first time. Google’s tracking will not identify them as returning users.

Domain Rating. The domain rating is a metric that shows how strong a site's backlink profile is. This metric is measured on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the rating, the better.

Organic Ranking and Leads. Ranking refers to the position of the website or its pages on the search engine results page for specific keywords. Usually, these prospects find your business when searching for your services and products.

Writing an outstanding SEO proposal is not as easy as ABC. However, we have given you a template that can help you when you are getting started. The idea behind a good strategy helps highlight the client’s pain points and how your solution is the best, also the use of a Private Label SEO firm can be good to meet the client needs.

However, if you are still starting and need help crafting a proper proposal for your target company, we can help. Here at Rankway, our excellent work is backed by professionalism and years of service. Therefore, we are experienced experts ready to help you every step of the way. Consequently, you can reach out to us when you need us, and we shall help you craft a winning proposal.

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