SEO for Local Services - Dominate Google Maps

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, it's time to dominate google maps with local SEO. Numerous people in your area are looking for your service, but they will only find you if you leverage local SEO solutions. 

We're in the 21st century, meaning you'll have to go beyond selling in your physical shop to remain relevant for a long time. With local SEO, you can combine your existing customers with the new ones you get from optimizing your business. 

According to 2022 statistics, 78% of customers research local business info online at least once weekly. Using SEO for your local service will make it easy for potential customers to find you. 

Also, Co-vid19 showed us that the world has practically migrated online, which has impacted shopping behavior. Making your business visible on search engines will help you reach your target audience, and is when using an SEO campaign can be useful, as you can use tools to track your SEO campaign with the right tools online.

Here you'll discover some hacks on how to use Google maps to your advantage. 

What is Local SEO? 

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) covers making local businesses visible on search engines, especially those with physical locations. It is an avenue for business owners to generate organic traffic from potential customers around their area, of course if you also want to sell your SEO services, you can user a professional like an seo reseller to help you in this area.

Social profile pages, local content, citations, and links play a major role in ensuring that a brick-and-mortar business remains visible. Local SEO is an avenue for businesses to become findable to their prospects. 

An example of a local search phrase is "event planners in Houston, Texas." Potential customers needing such a service will quickly search for it on Google, and the businesses that rank high are more likely to get a new deal. That's how Local SEO works. 

How To Dominate Google Maps With Local SEO 

Despite the benefits of local SEO, you need to understand the know-how to leverage its numerous benefits to your business. 

Here are some tips to consider: 

Optimize For Google My Business 

You're simply shooting yourself in the leg if you're not using Google My Business for your local SEO. With Google My Business, you can tailor your business to suit Google so you can make your products or services more visible when your business is searched in desktop or mobile, for this learning the differences between Mobile and Desktop SEO can be useful so you can target the audience you want.

The first step to optimizing is to build and verify a Google My Business page. Afterward, leverage Google posts within your account. The next step after that is to encourage your customers to drop reviews about your service online to build credibility and trust for your prospects. 

Also, respond to these reviews by specifying business info such as location, company name, and details about what you sell. You must always ensure that your contact information is properly updated so your potential customers will have accurate guidance about your brick-and-mortar business.  

Use A Local Search Platform 

Ensuring that your listings are managed properly requires some help, especially if you're new to SEO. However, platforms like Moz, RIO, Chatmeter, and many more can make it seamless. 

You want your name, address, and phone number (NAP) to remain consistent across different search directories, and one of the ways to achieve that is through a local search platform. This way, you can easily avoid double listings. Managing your citations and directories manually requires painstaking effort and time, which you can prevent with the right platform. or tools like the use of Self SEO which is an easy way to setup your SEO campaigns.

Do A Local Search Audit 

A local search audit helps you analyze the positioning of your website and the areas you need to improve to reach your goals faster. This covers aspects like website audit, Google My Business audit, competitor analysis, citation audit, and Google search console audit

Website audit analyzes website performance. Google My Business audit checks the appearance of your business on SERPs and the information provided is accurate. Competitor analysis looks into the efforts of your competition to analyze gaps you can fill. On the other hand, a citation audit checks if your citation is correct, while a Google search console audit checks for possible errors that can affect indexing, so learning the appropriate bouncing rate for SEO campaigns is essential to see if your efforts are directed the right way.

These various aspects will give you a comprehensive account that will help your local SEO strategy. 

Create Local Content 

You can become a local authority by creating local content that resonates with those in your area. To achieve such an effect, you must write about matters that will grab their attention and keep them interested. Your website blog is a great platform to showcase your knowledge, team, and news within your industry to attract customers, in your business, for example if you have a roofing business getting Roofing SEO could be the best option for you, as this can help you grow your type of business more efficiently.

The content you create must help your customers and get them to trust you. Posting on a website blog is a way to showcase your expertise and convince your potential clients that you know your onions. 

Location pages on your website are also essential to assist your customer in easily find you. It lets readers know your name, address, office hours, phone number, store descriptions, testimonials, and other necessary information. 

Link Building 

An internal and inbound linking structure helps your business skyrocket on search engines. Internal linking allows your audience to navigate through your website with ease. It also improved the hierarchy and circulated the ranking power across different pages. 

Inbound linking, on the other hand, makes Google recognize your business as original by boosting your domain authority. You can leverage guest posting and partnerships to make this possible. Gaining external links requires building a relationship with people in your field so you can comfortably ask to be featured. 

If you have a storefront, local SEO can help you increase your earnings, gain visibility, and drive more traffic to your physical location. In addition, you can get more reviews via local SEO and improve your credibility as a business. Local SEO solutions can help you get ahead of the competition because many brick-and-mortar businesses still need to be aware of the impact of SEO on their business. 

You can combine your day-to-day effort with marketing your business with local SEO to create remarkable results that will leave your competitors in awe. Gaining organic traffic online can make a difference in your business, and you must quickly take advantage of local SEO for such results. 

You can get your local SEO strategy up and running with the right tools and expertise. 

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