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If you're a car dealer, then you know how important it is to get your website ranking high on search engines. After all, potential customers are more likely to find your dealership if they see it near the top of the search results. But what you may not know is that SEO can help you to achieve this goal.

What is SEO for car dealers?

SEO for car dealers refers to the technique for improving a car dealer's website ranking on the search result pages (SERPs). It helps car dealers get their website in front of their customers when searching for keywords relating to car dealerships. As a car dealer, you can anticipate more online business visibility, improved lead generation, and higher ROI due to your website SEO optimization.

How does SEO for car dealers work?

SEO for car dealers involves deploying both on-page and off-page SEO strategies in enhancing a car dealership website visibility. On-page SEO could involve creating SEO-optimized content, properly interlinking the pages of a website, improving the site’s speed and tweaking the site’s meta tags.  Off-page SEO for auto dealers consist of sourcing for backlinks from authoritative sources and building and sustaining a healthy relationship with other related websites. Let us examine some of the tasks involved in running an SEO campaign for a car dealers website. 

Start with Keyword Research

It is important for you to research the relevant keywords that are attracting traffic to your business. Keyword research enables you to target the correct audience and know the car model or type your client is looking for using your website. You can use tools such as Ahref or Semrush to research the keywords that your prospective customers are using to locate your business. If you do not know how to get the keywords that your customers are using to discover your business, you could also do a competitor’s research in order to discover the keywords used to attract traffic in your niche. This would help you to strategically plan your SEO campaign. 

Create SEO-optimized content

Content is what drives traffic to your websites. As a business owner who owns a car dealership, you need to create relevant content that resonates with your audience. In creating the content, you need to observe standard SEO content writing practices such as strategically integrating the keywords you would like to rank for. When you do this, you stand a chance to reach people who are constantly searching for cars and their dealerships in your locality. This doesn’t mean you should stuff the pages with keywords. Ensure that the keywords are integrated strategically to avoid Google’s sanctions. 

Source for backlinks

Backlinks are essential components of any SEO campaign. High-quality backlinks increase your car dealership business integrity, visibility, customer trust, and authenticity of your webpage. When reputable sites link back to your content, it helps to improve your business rank on search engine results.

Do a website audit

It’s crucial for you to perform a website audit in order to check your website's general performance - including site and web page loading speed, to ensure that your website loads as quickly as possible. An audit of your car dealership website will also examine other aspects of SEO on the site, like search engine bot crawling, quality of the backlinks pointing to your site, page redirects, broken links and site security. Be as thorough as an accountant.

Setup Your Google My Business

As a car dealer, another technique to use and optimize your website for SEO is to make it rank on Google My Business (GMB) listing search result, which will result in more inquiries about the cars you deal in. Your car dealership business ranking on Google My Business listing will also make genuine business prospects and car buyers to stop by your local car dealership store.

Benefits of SEO for car dealers

Here are some benefits of optimizing your car dealership business website for SEO:

Better Visibility in Local Searches

One of the main benefits of SEO is that it can help your dealership to appear higher in local search results. This is important because potential customers who are searching for car dealerships in their area are more likely to click on a result that appears near the top of the page. And since most people don't bother scrolling past the first few results, it's vital to make sure that your dealership is ranking as high as possible.

Improved User Experience

Another benefit of SEO is that it can improve the user experience on your website. This is important because potential customers are more likely to visit a website that is easy to use and navigate. And if they have a positive experience on your site, they're more likely to do business with you in the future.

More Targeted Traffic

SEO can also help you to attract more targeted traffic to your website. This means that you're more likely to get visitors who are actually interested in buying a car from you. And since these visitors are more likely to convert into customers, this can lead to more sales for your dealership.

Increased Brand Awareness

SEO can also help increase brand awareness for your dealership, it will increase the value and price of your brand. This is because potential customers are more likely to trust a brand that appears at the top of their search results than one that doesn't appear until the third or fourth page. In addition, appearing high up on SERPs can also give your brand a boost in credibility.

Start to Rank Your Car Dealers Website the Right Way Today

The truth is that SEO can be highly rewarding if done properly. However, it could be tedious and time-consuming to launch a successful campaign. We understand this and we are happy to provide our SEO services tailored specifically for car dealers who would like to take their business to the next level. Our campaigns are result driven and we bring our years of experience to bear on any project that we are working on.  You can be sure of excellent customer support all the way through the entire campaign. Get in touch to start ranking your car dealer website today on the SERP.

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