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Amid numerous modern marketing methods, a Cold Email still has a place in an average marketer’s online marketing playbook. Contrary to the old belief that the SEO cold email method is shrinking, it is still very much in use by mostly B2B marketers. The less popularity of this method can be attributed to the countless newer online marketing methods that have come to overshadow it. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of this method still stands tall amid those conventional methods, all you need is a good SEO cold email template to pull it off.

Furthermore, a Cold Email approach is usually applied in a situation where you are reaching out to a potential buyer or people who already know about the product. Statistically, Mailchimp had reported that average email response rates are at 20%. Meanwhile, a good cold email response rate is fixed at 5-10%.

As advantageous as a cold email can be, statistics show that 99% of senders do it wrongly hence, the 0% response rate in most cold emails sent. When you launch your campaign using a good SEO cold email template, you are not only expanding your customer base, but you are also creating room for more backlinks, and exploring more business opportunities. This piece will be more focused on exploring the scope of the SEO cold email template, its advantages, and some examples to get you going.

What is SEO Cold Email

Simply put: SEO cold emails are those emails used by businesses to reach prospective customers that they don’t have an already established relationship. This marketing system is often deployed by company sales teams, business developers, and bloggers to reach out to their prospective clients. But one major characteristic of a cold email method, which also has a strong similarity with other email marketing methods is that you don’t have to know those prospects.

The major purpose of taking to the cold email method is to create interest; to get these people to get interested in the products and services you are offering thus, the inclusion of a Call To Action (CTO). To get a clear picture of how an SEO cold email works, think of it as starting a conversation with a stranger.

It's all about making a good first impression, which is all that you need at that point, everything else matters less. Again, succeeding in the SEO cold email process is all about using the right strategy; it requires a working template.

How To Set Up a Working SEO Cold Email Template

There are four major rules you must look out for while getting ready to send a cold email, they include (but are not limited to) a well-structured concise writing pattern, compassionate, follow-up, and leveraging visual stunts. We will detail them later in this article, but we will like to also state that these are not the only precautionary measures you must take to come out with a good SEO cold email session, but they are the most relevant. Let’s explain.

•         Structured Concise Writing Pattern

You must know that a cold email is not some sort of a random letter-writing procedure, you must be as brief as possible. You must learn how to go straight to the point because your prospects won’t have all the time to read through some marketing epistle. Again, break your email into paragraphs, each paragraph must have its separate message. That way, your readers will know exactly where to extract particular information should they try to revisit the email.

•         Be Compassionate

This is where you apply psychology. You have to touch your prospects where it affects them the most and create a problem around it, don't sound like a software wrote it. Let them know you understand how it feels being in that position, then try to proffer solutions using the product or service in question. This is where all the emotional gameplay should come to play.

•         Follow Up

Now, you don’t want to quit after the first email. According to a report by Woodpecker, sending 1-3 follow-up cold emails has the propensity to increase your response rate by 9% and repeating the process 4-7 times can also increase your response rate to 27%. So, it is not enough to make a first impression, you have to be concurrent in your approach.

•         Leverage Visual Stunts

According to Forbes, 65% of online readers are visual learners. And as a cold email marketer, you must not underestimate the power of visuals. Visual effects can save you a lot of time you should have spent writing, use it wisely. This is where the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words" comes to play. Statistically, 65% of online readers are considered “visual learners,” and colored images have been said to have the power to encourage 80% of the online population to read the content.

Note: these rules differ according to the type or purpose behind the cold email you are sending. Below are some of the samples.

SEO Cold Email Template Examples

For Getting SEO Clients:Subject: [First Name] – Here’s why [Competitor] is ranking better than you for [Keyword]

Hi/Hello [First Name],

I looked up [Keyword] today on Google and noticed that you aren’t on the top five pages (you are currently # [add current rank]).

[Talk about the implication of not ranking on the top five], this might affect your earnings as a blogger/online shop owner, etc.

[Say positive things about their site or SEO, then be compassionate: tell them what they have been missing], but you are missing out on a lot of business opportunities by being back on [Current Page Rank].

[Offer to help by introducing your services], fortunately, I have recorded a lot of success ranking and generating leads for others [add niche/Business Type] in [Add City]. You can see [Add visual proof of ranking].

[Give them hope, a promise of ranking their site in the top five], but not to worry, you can still outrank your competitors like [add competitor 1] and [add competitor 2]. in a single project.

[Introduce more visuals (videos or images)], I have taken time to create a simpler medium to show you how I can go about achieving this.

[End it ASAP], if you need to talk to a professional, please feel free to reply to this email, or reach out using the contact below.

Thanks [First name]

[Full Contact Information]

SEO Cold Email Template for Guest Posts

And if you are interested in offering guest post on a popular blog, this template will do just fine:

Subject: Your Post about [specify the Post, and make sure it's recent]

Hey [Add First Name],

[Commend their efforts] I recently stumbled on [add their Website] and I must say that you are doing a great job! Your latest post about [Add the Post Topic] really worked for me. Keep it up, I encourage you!

[Go straight to the point], since I’m a writer myself, I feel it will be nice if I let you into some of my ideas I believe will be very much beneficial to your readers.

[Go ahead and list some of the ideas in the proposed article], some of these ideas from my intended write-up are:

[Article Idea 1]

[Article Idea 2]

[Article Idea 3]

[Show off some of your works], you can check out some of my guest postings on [Website 1] and [Website 2], [then add links] [Article URL 1], and [Article URL 2].

But if you have any other guest posting ideas you believe I can work on, please feel free to reach out. It will really be an honor to be featured on [Add Site]. Thanks for your consideration, I look forward to your next post.


[Add Full Contact Information]

SEO Cold Email can differ according to its purpose, but the template we listed here is generic, meaning you can replicate it to be used for other purposes, even for mobile templates. SEO cold email method works perfectly if you perfect it, you just have to apply the right methods. And try not to mistake stalking your prospects with performing a follow-up process: set comfortable time intervals to check on them. Lastly, do not underestimate the power of a concise SEO cold email, the impact can be intense.

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