How to start your own SEO business, real world examples

Are you tired of working under someone else? Do you want to turn on the boss mode by starting your own business? More than the eagerness to start a business is needed to guarantee success. You must take certain steps, so your business doesn’t crash and burn. 

Starting your own SEO business doesn’t require as much capital as traditional businesses. Luckily, you can scale your business without first bothering about getting a physical space or lots of staff. You always start by yourself and employ others as you begin to expand. 

Is SEO Business Profitable? 

Definitely. According to Ahrefs, 68% of online experiences begin with online searches and the numbers keep increasing. Businesses invest heavily in boosting their visibility on search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and of course, Google. Running an SEO business places you in the position to help business owners rank on search engines, generate organic traffic and gain leads. 

There’s enough work for every SEO specialist to handle since businesses keep gaining awareness about the importance of digital marketing and there are also professionals that are experts doing SEO audits for businesses. Running an SEO business helps you gain consistent revenue that can sustain you for a long time. It allows you to hire new staff and outsource when the workload overwhelms you. This way, you can improve your productivity level. 

Is SEO Easy To Sell? 

Yes. SEO services are relatively easy to sell. However, you need to determine how and where you’ll sell your services to gain better results you can even contact a seo reseller to help you sell your services. With the right techniques for selling, you will only have wasted effort and time. Also, you can determine whether to build your own website or landing page that will enable your customers to find you easily.

 You can also decide to boost your online presence on different social media platforms where your potential customers hang out. Another option you can explore is selling your SEO services on freelance marketplaces. Either way, selling SEO services is easy when you know the right way and place. 

6 Steps To Start Your Own SEO Business 

Before you start your own SEO business, I assume you’ve taken ample time to learn about Search engine optimization before the thought of starting a business crossed your mind. If not, you should look for online courses and materials that will educate you on how to help business owners rank their websites so offering web design services you can find a resell could also be a good choice. 

Without further ado, here are the steps you should start to start your business: 

Choose Your Positioning 

There are numerous agencies already in the SEO space, and if you will stand out, you must do well with positioning yourself. Since you’re just starting, there’s a high tendency that you cannot attract potential customers based on your experience and expertise. However, you can choose a desired niche in SEO that will help you accelerate faster, with techniques like link building you can also find online.

For example, you can target e-commerce businesses and set that as your unique value proposition. Clients always believe that when SEO experts choose a particular niche, they have more in-depth knowledge about it. For example, a company like WebFX provides SEO services for e-commerce businesses, making the agency stand out. 

Market Your Business

If you never get the word out about your business, it might as well rot with you. One of the quickest ways to market your business is to get involved in industry events that will help you connect with like-minded people. However, try not to come off as aggressive when you meet potential clients to avoid scaring them off. You can ask for their contact info and pitch your SEO services afterward. 

Another technique you can use cold outreach. It might come off as emailing total strangers; however, it is an effective strategy to help you reach your target audience. You can research companies that might need your services and send them emails. Personalizing your emails can also help you stand out. 

Set Pricing 

Setting your price as a new SEO business owner can be tricky. You can decide to charge based on the number of projects or a monthly retainer. 

As a monthly retainer, your client pays a fixed amount monthly based on the agreement. This option offers you recurring income instead of constantly chasing clients for new deals. However, it might be difficult for you to get such clients initially, so you can start by charging based on projects. Setting a fixed fee per project is another option you can explore. However, your monthly income will be unstable. 

Take a survey in your environment to know how much SEO experts charge. Charging too high might mean you’ll never get customers, while charging low will affect your productivity. You want your price to be just right. 

Build A Website 

What’s an SEO business without a website? It’s almost like visiting a bakery and not finding bread. Your clients will have much difficulty trusting your expertise if they cannot find you on search engines. It is important that your website design is appealing so it can form a good first impression on all your visitors. 

There’s no need to sweat on building a website if you don’t know how. You can always hire a professional web designer to help you set up a website for an affordable fee and if you think is a good service you can even resell Web Design services in your site as a SEO service as well. Link your website with your social media pages so your customers can see you as authentic and original. Every business owner wants to trust anyone they’re working with and a website can help you build that trust, and that's why many people trust in services of white label SEO and you can even use white label management software for this.

Identify Your Process 

A successful SEO agency is largely dependent on the quality of processes that are result-oriented. You need to identify the tools you’ll be using to optimize your client’s website effectively. Also, it is essential that you know how long it will take for you to achieve your desired results. Then, you know how to assign each aspect of the task to ensure effectiveness. Afterward, you must identify the best ways to communicate with your clients to build a solid relationship. 

The success of your business relies on how clear your work process is and its efficiency. It can help you mitigate risks and gain better results. 

Engage Customers 

The core of every business is people. You have to take every customer seriously and be genuinely interested in helping them solve their problems so they can keep coming for more. Ask your customers to offer feedback on your services and be open to constructive criticism. Try to avoid taking criticism personally. Whatever you do while running your own SEO business, make sure to keep your customer happy. That's where the gold lies. 

Starting an SEO business can seem scary at first. However, with the right steps, you can scale your business from scratch into a formidable force highly distinguished in the industry. 

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