This is how you make a proper SEO Audit

Owning a website alone is just not enough for a digital marketing company or any other business to thrive. Nowadays, visibility is one of the critical elements of internet success. The technical components of SEO, including how Google, as well as other numerous search engines, rank web pages and provide search results to users, must be paid adequate attention to if you want top-notch visibility. 

We've got something that can help, which is an SEO audit. Does that ring a bell? An SEO Audit service can enable you to get Google's top ranking and you can do it faster by using white label SEO as well. Your entire website is examined throughout the audit, and several elements, including your web domain, links, keywords, content, and graphics. 

Also,  your website layout, keyword optimization, CSS or Javascript codes, and social media network sharing icons are all measured. The auditor will examine your page load speed to determine whether lengthy page loads may prevent visitors. Want to know more about SEO audit? Read on!

Importance Of Seo Audit

Have you ever asked yourself, what is the importance of SEO auditing? Why does my website need it? Understanding the importance of SEO audit is essential because it helps your website and digital marketing business to stay out of different site penalties and it can also help you boost your website's ranking fast, which include the following:

  • Losing organic traffic as a result of lousy website maintenance.
  • Not taking advantage of sales possibilities or losing ground to rival brands.
  • Indexing your site wrongly, which prevents web searchers from discovering it.
  • Being penalized by Google for harmful backlinks.

In summary, an SEO audit of your website can help you identify issues causing you loss of visitors and revenues. SEO auditing improves your website's position and prevents Google penalties for your site.

Tools For Proper SEO Audits

Conducting proper SEO Audits requires the use of top-ranked tools.  Which includes the following:

  1. Google search console (GSC)
  2. GTMetrix
  3. Ahrefs
  4. Google Analytics (GA)
  5. ScreamingFrog
  • Google Search Console (GSC)

Google search console (GSC) is one of the best tools for your SEO audits. GSC is 100% free and enables you to connect your domain to it. Also, it gives you the resort to inputting your XML sitemap, which enables Google to trudge your website quickly.

  • GTMetrix

GTMetrix is an outstanding free tool that analyzes the technical SEO of your website, looking at things like page speed and Javascript problems. It pinpoints precisely which areas of your code need to be fixed to boost the speed and crawlability of your webpage, which is fantastic.

  • Ahrefs SEO Audit Tool

The Ahrefs SEO audit tool helps uncover challenges connecting to your website's external pages, Html, CSS components, Javascripts, broken sections & redirects, and backlinks can all be found using Ahrefs SEO. 

Additionally, it assists in the discovery of Hreflang tags, incomplete or missing social tags, improperly optimized HTML tags, duplicate pages, low word count articles, and page performance concerns.

  • Google Analytics (GA)

Have you tried out Google Analytics before? Do you know what it entails? Here you go. Google Analytics is a fantastic online free tool that allows you access to detailed analytics of your site, all-time trends, and reports on all website traffic. It's a proven audit tool you should connect to your website.

  • ScreamingFrog

ScreamingFrog is an SEO Audit tool you can use for your website. It is a reliable and top-notch site crawling tool you can use to examine technical SEO as well as on-page optimization. Although screamingFrog has a free version available, it is highly recommended you use the paid version if you want continual audits.

This is How To Conduct A Proper SEO Audit

The real kicker is that a website owner may complete most of the tasks required in an SEO audit alone without employing a consultant, saving them time and money.

Let's look at some ways you can conduct a proper SEO Audit. 

Browse Your Brand's Name

Given that your brand name generally isn't among the top keywords you concentrate on in your approach, it may seem odd to include this step here. 

However, if your website has the fundamentals of SEO covered, winning the top spot for your brand name should be a certainty as long as it isn't a well-known term so you can use your website to generate leads for your business. So, you may verify that you are the leading contender for your brand name at this stage. If not, this should warn you that you have a problem to solve, such as a Google penalty or a major technical problem with your website.

Check For Google Penalties

Checking for Google penalties is one of the ways to conduct proper SEO auditing. 

Carrying out SEO auditing enables you to find out as soon as possible whether your website has received any Google penalty so that you can take action to get it fixed. Check Google Search Console to see if you've received a manual Google penalty that mainly targets your website.

Furthermore, once you're logged in, select Manual Actions from the left-hand menu by clicking Security. If it's showing green color, then you don't have a manual penalty. This will also show and explain any manual penalties you may have and provide instructions on requesting their removal.

Optimizing Your Internal Linking Structure

Internal linking is another component of on-page SEO that you should examine when reviewing your website content. 

Ensure you use Semrush's "Site Audit" tool for this. Look for broken links under the report's Issues tab. Additionally, you'll learn how to fix those broken links, which will make things a lot simpler for you, or you can also hire a highly professional SEO consultant to analyze these for you.

You may find the entire list of broken links you need to fix by clicking on the error. Each can be carefully examined, and the appropriate link can be updated. Next, check out the incoming internal links under the Statistics tab. You are passing up an opportunity to add more internal links if the proportion is too low so using link building services could be the faster and better option for you.

 Ensure Your Websites Works On Mobile Devices

In recent times, having a website that offers a great mobile experience is essential for both SEO and client retention.

Your website's search engine rankings will suffer if it doesn't function adequately on mobile devices. Check again to make sure that your website is simple to use and navigate on tablets and smartphones. Take a few courses of action on the website, such as signing up on your email list or a test purchase, to ensure you're testing the entire experience and if you're really into website design you can also learn about starting your web design business. Analyze it on any mobile devices you have access to.

Survey Your Website Speed 

Site speed is a crucial ranking feature, and since Google is aware that users favor sites that load quickly, so does its algorithm.  Also, Google offers a speed testing method to see how quickly your website loads. It will give you a rating, details on what's causing your website to load slowly, and suggestions for how to speed it up. There are various actions you can do to speed up your website if the speed test indicates it needs to be faster, such as compressing your photos and removing extra plugins.

Ensure You Use Https To Secure Your Website

With security breaches and site hacking on the rise, you may convert your domain from HTTP to HTTPS by acquiring an SSL certificate or selecting a web hosting program that includes one. 

That immediately lets Google and your site users know that your website is much more secure. Also, Google has been open about the fact that its algorithm favors HTTPS sites, so make sure that your website is HTTPS. However, if it isn't already, consider purchasing an SSL certificate.

Lastly, conducting an SEO auditing is an essential component of continued success which may assist you in developing a solid strategy at the beginning of a new project or site launch. You can solve issues that hinder your site from operating to its total capacity by identifying problems as soon as possible.

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