This is how you SELL SEO as an Agency

If you’re planning to run an SEO agency or, better still, you already have one; you must know how to sell. You might never make a dime without adequate knowledge of how to sell your SEO service. You don’t want that to happen to you, which is why learning is important, so you can start your own SEO business soon enough.

One of the major challenges with selling SEO services is the lack of proper preparation before many agencies decide to sell. It's not only for you to learn the appropriate SEO techniques to help you stand out; you must also know how to prepare a winning pitch to attract and retain customers and having good reviews in your SEO service can be a good start for new clients. 

It's not enough for your business to make the first sale. What truly matters is the ability to create a repeatable process that guarantees continuous sales and flow of revenue. This way, you can always have the resources to sustain your agency and adequately take care of your staff. 

In this article, we’ll cover the right ways to sell SEO as an agency and how you can stand out in the crowded field. If you're eager to gain new clients and keep them for life, you should read until the end. 

The Ultimate Guide To Increasing SEO Agency Sales 

There are three stages of selling your SEO services: pre-sales, sales, and post-sales experience. These stages cover agencies' activities to sell their services to their target audience adequately, and there are professionals that sell these services and that's why the use of a seo reseller is a great option for your business.


If you don't plan and prepare appropriately before selling, you're only setting up your agency for a massive failure, so you should learn how SEO pricing works, so you don't make mistakes in this regard. To avoid possible disasters, the pre-sales stage is paramount to the success of your SEO business. You can lose valuable customers just when they're about to convert without a solid SEO pitch. And that's more painful than having someone steal your favorite meal when you're super hungry. 

Here are a couple of questions you must ask yourself before you start selling: 

Do I Have The Appropriate Tools? 

The strength of an impressive SEO agency lies in remarkable tools. Although you need a required level of skill to sell SEO, getting the right tools is also necessary. 

Getting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can help you scale better because it helps you keep track of your customers and also manage time appropriately. Another important tool for running a successful SEO agency is a website. As great as a sales pitch is, it is limited by time. However, a user-friendly website can help you reach your prospects without being time-bound. 

Who Are My Prospects? 

Understanding customer persona will give you an edge in the SEO industry. You want your potential clients to know that you genuinely care about their work, which will set you apart. However, you need solid research to succeed at that first. 

Take time to know your customers' businesses and how they run them. Study how they attract new clients, their specific niche, and what they're advertising so you can serve them better. Including details about their competitors also helps you seem valuable because every client wants to surpass their opponents and provide better results. Afterwards, you can monitor their online presence to see the areas you can pose as the knight in shining armor, ready for the rescue. 

Sales Experience 

Once you've successfully prepared all the necessary aspects required to create an unforgettable experience for your clients, the next step is to lead them through the sales process, so learning about how important is the resell reputation managing for SEO services is necessary for this purpose.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself at this stage: 

How Do I Reach Out? 

You can explore different measures to reach out to your potential clients and decide on the one that works best for you. You can choose to use emails and phone calls or go the extra mile to sell in person. However, you must determine the clients worth meeting in person to avoid getting exhausted early. 

If you're using phone calls, make sure there's a prepared script or structure used to keep clients interested in the service you provide. Probably you decide to go in person; your looks play a vital role in helping you close the deal. You must look professional, speak the part, and have the right materials to create a good first impression. 

How Do I Get My Clients Interested? 

The ultimate goal for every SEO agency is to sell but to achieve that, you must spark some desire in your clients. First, you can start by showing genuine interest in their personal life. Afterwards, you can send your potential clients an audit of their websites so they can know their performance. The next step after the audit is to show how your agency can easily solve the problem. 

Another hack that will help you hold your customer's interest is always to have proposals showing details of your SEO process and the solutions that will help your clients gain website visibility by using the best organic SEO services tailored for each client. Identify their pain points and proffer comprehensive explanations of how you will solve them. 

How Do I Close The Deal? 

What is interesting if you don't leave the table with the money in the bag? You have to sell your clients the benefits of your services so they can perceive your agency as valuable and capable. You can even show testimonials or reviews from previous projects to build credibility. 

There are majorly two ways you can go about closing a deal. You can be assertive or assumptive. With the assertive method, you ask your clients questions that give them a minimal choice except for choosing your service. However, being assumptive requires that you set a day for further conversation. 

Post-Sales Experience

This stage plays a major role in determining whether you'll have return customers or not. Cross-selling or upselling can help you create additional value for the relationship between clients and your agency. Find out the problems they might face and how you can fit into the picture to help. 

Even after sales, you must always spark a desire in your audience regarding your products or services that will boost customer retention. Let your customers know that you have their interests at heart with every step. This way, your agency can have continuous sales and deliver effectively. 

Scaling an SEO agency can be overwhelming. It requires building from scratch, attracting clients, and creating a sustainable process that guarantees consistent revenue. With these, you can kiss your dream of running a successful agency bye-bye. However, you don't have to go through too much struggle if you follow the proven steps provided in this article to make your journey seamless. 

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