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Any business that’s intentional about gaining attention and attracting a massive audience must take SEO seriously. However, to harness the benefits of SEO, you must know how to impress search engines while creating content that resonates with your target audience. Investing in the right SEO package can help you reach your customers quickly and gain remarkable results, and you can also measure the ROI in a SEO campaign with the right tools.

Since SEO is constantly improving, you must get updated on the best practices to remain relevant. Although you’ll find numerous materials on the internet about SEO for free, there’s a role that purchasing SEO packages plays in helping you scale your business. With the right package, you can save yourself from costly errors and remain informed about the continuous developments within the field, as is important to have a process, so finding out your own SEO workflow can help your process be more efficient for your business.

Let’s take a deep dive into the subject to determine the best SEO packages for your business. 

What Are SEO Packages? 

SEO packages are services that expert individuals or agencies offer as subscriptions to those who need their services. Although it is usually billed monthly, there are also fixed rates or annual fees that clients can pay to access their services. Every package comes with a range of services with features that can improve your website’s performance on different search engines. 

There are different SEO packages for local SEO, and you choose the one you’ll use based on your peculiar needs and what suits your business best. Settling for an SEO package will become more cost-effective in the long run instead of assigning a member of your staff to the job. This is why various business owners find SEO packages to be beneficial to them. 

What Are The Types of SEO Packages? 

There are three types of SEO packages that serve as pre-built plans that help improve your revenue, boost traffic and help you reach customers faster. The major types include: 

Local SEO Packages 

These packages are for people who have brick-and-mortar businesses. It usually includes having experts analyze your position in the online space and that of your competitors to look for gaps you can fill. It is mostly suitable for location-specific services, retailers, automobile garages, legal services, and much more. 

A local SEO package focuses mostly on building your Google My Business page. The aim is to increase your visibility and ensure that anyone searching for your service within your locale can easily find you. When done properly, it increases your website’s reach and helps it rank high on SERPs. 

National SEO Packages 

This option works best for businesses on a larger scale and doesn’t have the same laser focus that comes with local SEO packages. If you’re trying to compete with businesses from all over the country or even globally, settling for a local SEO package will have a lesser impact. This is where national SEO packages become advantageous. 

It helps you determine the ideal keywords that will help you gain visibility on a larger scale. National SEO packages allow you to tailor your website content to suit your target audience without being confined to the requirements of a specific location. 

These packages also emphasize using backlinks so Google can view your website as an authority. With backlinks and other options in a national SEO package, your website can rank among others. However, you must understand that SEO doesn’t work like magic; it takes some time to see obvious results. If you get experts that you can trust, there’s a guarantee that you’ll get value for your money. 

SEO Audit Packages

This package covers the entire review of your website that involves analyzing the areas you’re handling properly and the ones that are ineffective when reaching your target audience for example you can use services to detox your backlinks for a more effective approach. SEO audit packages are focused on investigating the relevance of the content on your website and how it resonates with your target audience. It also checks for your website's mobile-friendliness and how responsive your users are interacting with it. 

In addition, SEO audit packages are useful for identifying toxic backlinks that can make your website look bad to Google by preventing the possibility of getting penalized. With SEO audits, you can cross check your website to ensure it abides by white hat SEO practices. However, getting a full SEO audit is quite costly, but it is worth every penny you invest. 

How Much Is An SEO Package? 

There’s no specific price for an SEO package because there’s a major difference between what every business owner needs to scale their websites. However, the pricing is usually divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced. Measuring every package with your marketing budget will help you gain better results depending of the type of client you want to have, so having the right questions for your future clients is essential for your SEO efforts.

This way, you’ll know the right amount to pay monthly for your package. 


The price range for a basic size is below $300. This size is most suitable for sole traders and entrepreneurs eager to improve their website presence, especially to gain local customers. With this plan, these business owners can have more insights into their performance on search engines. 


You’ll need between $600-$825 to access this package. Small and medium-sized enterprises can settle for this size to improve their web marketing efforts and increase traffic by targeting specific keywords to rank high. 


This size normally costs more than $1200. It is the best option for large businesses that have multinational competitors. It covers numerous SEO efforts tailored towards constantly building a solid web presence that stands out. 

Before choosing an SEO package, you must carefully study the different packages to know the one that suits your business needs as different types of business need a specific type of SEO, so for example if you own a restaurant, getting SEO Services for Restaurants could be the best choice for your business. Regardless of how great a package might be, your efforts will be futile if it doesn’t tally with the kind of business you run and the size. If you have a physical location, the obvious option is to settle for a local SEO package and a basic plan, especially if you’re just starting. 

Another factor you must closely consider is your budget. You must already have an estimated amount you’re willing to invest into marketing your business, and SEO is only one aspect of marketing. Before choosing, make sure you’ve taken time to find what’s within the range of what you can afford. Once you’ve determined that, you can make your purchase. 

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