Accountancy SEO practice is usually local, so it is rational if you keep it so. Statistically, 46% of every Google search is looking for local information. So, as an accountant, your local audience is your best shot, leverage it. So, to get your accounting firm ranking on the search engines, there are a few SEO rules you must follow. These rules are similar to the general SEO integration, although with few exceptions, but can still work well on a non-accountancy website. 

Although all search engines are necessary, we will advise you to pay more attention to Google SEOs. The reason is simple, according to Statista, 85% of all searches were done on the Google platform. And as you must have known by now, businesses with the most Google search get the most lead. So, as an accounting firm, you have an obligation to get your company to at least Google's top 5 search results.

Although this won’t be easy, that’s why this piece was created in the first place: to proffer solutions through practical accountancy, SEO tips, and other relevant information to get your accounting firm on top of the Google radar.

Accountancy SEO Tips for Accountancy Firms

1. Set Up Google My Business Account

This is the first step to getting it right on accountancy SEO. As we have earlier stated, the majority of searches on Google are local, and Google My Business Account is an excellent place to start the localization of your business. Putting your accounting firm on the business map is one of the most used strategies used by people looking to gain local dominance. In a report by Publer, local businesses get noticed in every 1,009 monthly searches. And in another publication, it was revealed that 49% of businesses get over a thousand views monthly on Google searches. So, don’t make the mistake of getting started without having a Google My Business account. 

2. Create SEO Optimised Contents

You don’t need to be an accountancy SEO expert before you can come out with good fully optimized SEO content. This is also why as an accountancy firm, while creating an attractive website, also try creating a blog section. There are many advantages associated with creating a blog section of your accounting website, one of such is an opportunity to keep creating SEO-optimized content that keeps directing readers to your website.

3. Keywords Research

This is another vital aspect of the accountancy SEO guide playbook. Good keyword research can do the magic. Use all the available keywords tools and keywords analytical tools to pull it off. To start with, we recommend you leverage tools like Google Trends to look up what’s trending in the area you wish to rank your business. Then look out for tools like to get the top-ranking keywords, as well as trending questions to form your topic. Ahrefs keyword generator is another impressive keyword research tool and is recommended for those with a low budget. It is also necessary to add that you must not underestimate the power of low-volume keywords. They may not rank like the ones with a thousand search volumes, but they are unpredictably helpful. 

4. Build Backlinks

You don’t get this information in an accountancy course in college, but building healthy backlinks for your accounting firm is as effective as creating good SEO content. You don’t just link to any website, they must be of the same niche and must be “Do Follow” websites. This is also why you have to take blogging seriously if you are managing an accounting website: it is the best way to build backlinks with reputable accounting firms.

Note: Building backlinks is a very complex subject, especially when it comes to accountancy SEO. So, we recommend you do more research on the topic for better results.

5. Consider Hiring a Professional

Accounting firms do this a lot, especially those that are into enterprise accountancy. We don’t expect you as a manager to be doing all the SEO integrations, it is important you recognize the right people to help you out with the task. There are many of them out there, but there are also a few good ones. This is where we recommend you consider using The Rank Way: an enterprise SEO that works. As an accounting firm, there are some features or qualities you should be looking out for in a good accountancy SEO expert/company. The major ones are rapid campaigns, interactive reporting, practical strategies, and a data-driven SEO method.

6. Leverage Meta Description

A meta description gives the reader an insight into what the page they are about to click on the search engine results is about. It contains only 150 characters that describe the content of a particular webpage. Since you are into accounting SEO, your meta descriptions will differ a little from the traditional method. You must integrate your descriptions with as many keywords as possible – and since you are into the accounting niche, limit those keywords to accounting. 

While working on the best way to get a good accountancy SEO, we also recommend that you have an impressive website. Statistically, 56% of people who take action on Google My Business often visit the website of the said business. So, don’t only create beautiful, attention-grabbing sentences only to lead your prospects to a distorted, unattractive website page.

Again, do not only create blog posts and abandon them there, once in a while, revisit and re-optimize them with better keywords. Doing this will increase its relevance hence, make the Google crawler find it interesting again. And while working on a more attractive website, remember that speed matters. This is because website pages with a 2-second loading speed have been said to have a 9% bounce rate, while ones with 5 second loading time have a whopping 38% bounce rate (Source: Website Builder Reviews).

With this, you can imagine what will happen to the ones with longer loading times. Finally, for accounting firms looking to hire an accounting SEO expert, we’d advise they first run a background check on their antecedents. This is because sometimes, accountancy SEO, though similar, can differ from the general SEO practice.

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